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Underground performances combining art, music and acoustic engineering. In 1843 there were fifty thousand visitors on the first day. Listen to the remarkable acoustic of this extraordinary chamber, once the world’s most popular visitor destination.

Lamenta Renaissance Vocal Ensemble

Thursday 23rd February 7.30pm

Love, Life and Death

A visual and musical journey through the sixteenth century. Lamenta takes the audience from the penitential world of English sacred music into sensual and intimate European settings of ‘The Songs of Songs’, through to the passionate Italian madrigals of Monteverdi. Moving reflections on love, life and death

Tickets: £15, Concessions £10, Students £5 Please email

Director Ben Rowarth


The first of four monthly concerts in partnership with the Anglo Russian Culture Club

Rachmaninov and Mussorgsky

Maria Gulik mezzo-soprano  Victor Maslov piano
Thursday 2 March  7.30pm



Rachmaninov. 8 Etudes-Tableaux, Opus33

Études-tableaux (“study pictures”), Op. 33 or musical evocations of external visual stimuli. Rachmaninov added Let the listener paint for themselves what it most suggests.



Mussorgsky The Songs and Dances of Death

(Pesni i plyaski smerti) Written to poems by Kutuzov just seven years before the composer’s death. Death in many guises: the nanny who rocks a sick child, the lover who serenades a dying lady, the dancing partner who lures a drunken peasant into the snow, the General commanding in a bloody battle. Admired by Shostakovich and the inspiration for his Fourteenth Symphony.

Mussorgsky Arias from Khovanshina, arranged by Shostakovich

Unfinished epic about the rule of Peter the Great. Rimsky-Korsakov made a famous performing version, but Shostakovich is tougher, bleaker and closer to Mussorgsky’s style and has become the standard text.

Buy tickets here: £20 or £70 for all four evenings

The Colours of Eden: Black Leather


Saturday 11 March 7.30pm

THE COLOURS OF EDEN_BLACK LEATHERSinger Georgia Knower and guitarist Fabricio Mattos complete their trilogy with Black Leather: an unimaginable sequence of dissolution. This is the moving story of a woman who loses everything: her love, her children, her social stability and finally herself. Is it possible to recover from a point where self-recognition becomes a challenge?

Georgia and Fabricio play everything from English Baroque to Blues and Jazz standards, from upbeat South American to vibrant songs from the musicals.

Tickets: £11 online here:

Tickets on the door: £12 Payment only by cash or cheque.

The Thames Tunnel Shaft is below ground: the air is cool so please dress warmly.

I Capuleti e i Montecchi (The Capulets & The Montagues)

by Bellini and Pop Up Opera 

4 & 5 April

Experience the most tragic love story of all time. Two star-crossed lovers – Romeo and Juliet – find their worlds ripped apart amongst criminal warfare and bitter resentment, against the backdrop of Italy’s bloody gang rivalry. Witness how their all-consuming passion tries to survive amidst violence, hatred and vicious grievances. Sneaky peak here & tickets here

The second of four monthly concerts in partnership with the Anglo Russian Culture Club

Schumann, Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov
Averina Galina soprano, Aleksei Demchenko piano 
Thursday 6 April 7.30pm











Schumann. Frauenliebe und leben Op.24

A Woman’s Love and Life: a poem cycle by Adelbert von Chamisso. Composed in 1840, his “year of song”. Eight poems tell the story from first meeting to marriage to death

Schumann Fantasiestücke, Op. 12

Eight pieces for piano, written in 1837, inspired by Hoffmann and dedicated to Anna Robena Laidlaw, a Scottish pianist with whom Schumann had become good friends.Galina and Alexey:

Tchaikovsky Iolanta’s ariozo from Iolanta Op. 69

The last opera he composed. Libretto by the composer’s brother Modest Tchaikovsky is based on the Danish play King René’s Daughter by Henrik Hertz. The opera received its premiere December 1892 in Saint Petersburg.
Rimsky-Korsakov  Melting scene from “Snow Maiden”

subtitle: A Spring Fairy Tale. Snegúrochka–Vesennyaya Skazka) is an opera in four acts first performed Saint Petersburg 1882. The composer’s own favorite work. The Snow Maiden learns to love and brings about the arrival of summer.

Rimsky-Korsakov Mad scene from “Tsar’s Bride”

Marfa is chosen as wife for the Ivan the Terrible, but she loves Lïkov whom Ivan executes and Marfa goes mad.

Buy tickets here: £20 or £70 for all four evenings

Rachmaninov, Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky
Arshak Kuzikyan bass, Aleksei Demchenko piano
Thursday 4 May 7.30pm

Rachmaninov – All the gipsy camp is sleeping from Aleko his first  opera. Danchenko’s libretto is an adaptation of The Gypsies by Alexander Pushkin and first performed in Moscow 1892. A story of love, hate revenge and abandonment.

Tchaikovsky – I bless you, Forests

Setting of a poem by Aleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy
Rachmaninoff- Sing not to me, beautiful maiden

Poem by Pushkin

Mussorgsky – Song of the flea

Sviridov –  Weathercock from Peterburg, a Vocal poem

“Petersburg, a vocal poem” composed for a great singer Hvorostovsky by the distinguished Russian composer Georgi Sviridov (1915-1998), texts, by 20th century poet Alexandr Blok.

Songs by Babajanyan 

Rachmaninov – Preludes from op. 23 & 32

Considered to be among Rachmaninov’s best works for solo piano.

Buy tickets here: £20 or £70 for all four evenings

The third of four monthly concerts in partnership with the Anglo Russian Culture Club

Beethoven, Chopin, Prokofiev

Aleksei Demchenko piano. Victor Maslov piano. 

Thursday 1 June 7.30pm









Beethoven Pathetique sonata No. 8 in C minor op.13

Written in 1798 when the composer was 27 years old, and remains one of his most celebrated compositions.

Chopin Etudes 1-5 from op.10

Some of the most challenging and evocative pieces of all the works in concert piano repertoire.

Prokofiev Sonata No7 op.83

The “Stalingrad” composed for solo piano, the second of the three “War Sonatas”

Buy tickets here: £20 or £70 for all four evenings

The last of four monthly concerts in partnership with the Anglo Russian Culture Club

Matrimonio Segreto by Cimarosa and Pop Up Opera  

6 & 7 June

A rich Italian businessman attempts to marry off one of his daughters to a mad English toff with disastrous results. One of the most successful comic operas of the late eighteenth century, Cimarosa’s Il Matrimonio Segreto is about following your heart and makes for a perfect summer opera filled with special Pop-up Opera humour, sparkle and fun. Packed with tunes and matrimonial mayhem, the opera’s premiere in Vienna was the occasion of the longest encore in operatic history; Leopold II was so delighted that he ordered supper served to the company and the entire opera repeated immediately after!

Hansel & Gretel by Humperdinck and Pop Up Opera
21 & 22 September


The Thames Tunnel Underground Shaft is below ground: the air is cool so please dress warmly.

The Thames Tunnel Shaft

The Thames Tunnel Shaft is a huge underground chamber, half the size of Shakespeare’s Globe, directly above the railway. Before the trains came, the shaft echoed with applause for acrobats, tightrope walkers and serenaders performing in the tunnel. Now the shaft is a unique and stunning concert venue. Time Out listed the shaft as one of ‘London’s magical music venues’ and Radio 4 described it as an ‘underground cathedral’ .

Interested in performing at the museum?

Musicians interested in playing here, or those that have played here before and would like to return, are warmly invited to contact us. Our venues are also available for recordings and rehearsals: please email for more information.

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