Whimsical, Weird and Wonderous Wreaths at the Brune Museum cafe gallery

Whimsical, Weird and Wonderous Wreaths an Exhibition by Wine Women & Wool

Wine Women & Wool


May 2015

Who are we?

Wine Women & Wool started in June 2011 as a social group, without the requirement to meet all three W’s! So, although the group is mainly made up of women who like to get together to knit or crochet over a glass of wine, we’re open to anyone to come along and join us.  We meet in Rotherhithe and although most of our members are from the surrounding area, we do have others who travel from further afield.


Why wreaths?

When we started planning we couldn’t visualise how you “do” a knitting exhibition – do you hang jumpers and hats on the walls? What would that look like?!  What should be the theme? We’re a group of differing abilities when it comes to knitting and crocheting and we wanted everyone to be able to participate. Inspiration came from a blog followed by one of our members, where the author is keen on crocheting wreaths for the various seasons. The thinking was that even if you could only knit or crochet a straight piece, this could be turned into a wreath. Also, the common shape provides a theme in itself, allowing individuals to decorate their wreath in whatever way they wanted.


What will you see?

Inspiration has come from daily life, the local area, London, a café in Australia, colours, textures and techniques and whatever materials might have been to hand!


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