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Donate and support our development plans. The Brunel Museum commemorates Brunel’s first and last projects: the first metro and the first modern ocean liner. We are a small registered charity depending on the generous support of the public.

The Museum is a registered charity and donations from the public help us maintain and improve our educational activities. If you’d like to help us by making a donation, please click on the Donate Now button below.

In October 2015 work began on improving access to the historic Grand Entrance Hall and to install a new interpretation scheme for visitors – see our Adopt a Stair Appeal page for more details.

In April 2016 the grand Entrance Hall reopened with the new entrance and staircase. Until then visitor access was via a half height doorway, flood defence wall and scaffolding staircase.

The new development is part of the Museum plans to give visitors physical access to this startling underground chamber by:

  • Opening up an appropriate and accessible entrance
  • Installing a viewing platform at street level
  • Installing a permanent stairway to a new floor suspended above the railway
  • Creating a show and pictures to interpret the space

Opening day in 1843, fifty thousand people visited what became known as ‘the Eighth Wonder of The World. The Wonder is open again, but we need help to improve access. We therefore invite you to


At this International Landmark Site make Your Name, the Name of a Loved One, an Organisation or a Company part of history. Help us interpret an important educational site. Give your support to a new and magical venue for the arts:

  • a tread for £500
  • a landing £1,000
  • the entrance door £10,000

To make your donation …

Either download this form and send to the address shown making payment by cheque or credit card …

Or make your donation online by a) using the button below to donate , and b) sending us via this Email link the details of the item you’d like to sponsor and the name to be inscribed.

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