Secret Adventures

Museums are places to be entertained and inspired, and we try to make learning fun and our events unusual. The Brunels did not just build bridges and tunnels, they organised concert parties, dance events, underwater banquets, fairgrounds and shopping arcades. Brunel was not just an engineer, he was an impresario and showman.

  • Secret Adventures?

    The Brunel Museum is hosting Adventure Films Underground, brought to you by Secret Adventures.

    Secret Adventures bring you unusual and off grid adventures in London and beyond. These adventures are designed to generate a sense of exploration and wonder.

    They like water, they like fire and they like to explore. Adventures so far have included swimming over to a secret island to wild camp around a fire, kayaking at night under Tower Bridge and Husky sledding in the arctic circle.

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  • The plan

    Watch three of the best adventure documentaries ever made in the tunnel leading under the Thames at The Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe. Enjoy wild cocktails in the garden above the shaft, a campfire, free marshmallows and delicious food on site before and between the films.

    Arrive from 6.30 for the campfire, wild cocktails and honey beer by The Cocktail Gardener and delicious food available on site. (Not included in the price of your ticket).

    The films (see below) have won over 22 film awards combined and will start in the tunnel under the garden at 7.30pm. We would recommend bringing some warm clothes with you for the garden and for the shaft especially which can get a bit chilly.

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  • The films


    The first film is about an 85 year old granny who swims every day in the sea tottering into the water with great waves all around her. She found it helped cure her postnatal depression when she was a young woman and has been swimming in the sea ever since. A short and powerful homage to the joys of wild swimming. By Heiðrik á Heygum. 8 minutes. (Subtitles)


    Two Norwegians find an islolated beach in the Arctic circle where they surf for 9 months in the dark. They build a beautiful cabin out of driftwood and collect rubbish on the beach. The ultimate hut fantasy film. By Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum. 46 minutes. Winner of over 21 international film awards. (Subtitles).


    Two friends decide to row across the Indian Ocean. Far from being extreme athletes, neither had actually ever rowed before in their lives. But four months earlier, determined to prove their doubters wrong, they got their secondhand boat to the start line on the west coast of Australia, and set off. By Ben Finney. 37 minutes. Winner: Best Film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival 2014. English.

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  • Midnight Apothecary

    Arrive from 6.30 for the campfire, wild cocktails and honey beer by The Cocktail Gardener and delicious food available on site. (Not included in the price of your ticket).

    At Midnight Apothecary we specialise in lovingly prepared seasonal botanical cocktails served around a firepit using ingredients grown in our rooftop garden or foraged close by. We source all our alcohol carefully using local brews and spirits where possible eg Bermondsey’s Hiver Honey Beer and Jensen’s gin.  We built the garden in 2012 as an oasis by the river where we invite you to cuddle up, toast marshmallows and watch the sun set surrounded by your friends, lovers and local wildlife.  The menu changes frequently based on what’s growing in the garden.

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