Getting to know you: Summer playscheme ’17

Hello everyone and welcome to the Brunel Museum Summer Playscheme.

Week 1/Day 1: Mon 24th July, 2017

Today was very much about getting to know one another and being introduced to the theme of the week: spices. We all got the chance to smell different household spices and learn some facts about each of them, feeding them back to the group. We then had a session with Robert Hulse: the director of the Brunel Museum. We learnt more about the Rotherhithe dockland’s involvement in the spice trade with the East India company and Prince Lee Boo. The day also involved plenty of play time where we got to know each other and make new friends. Here are what some of the children thought about their first day with us:

“My favourite part of today was going on the walk with Robert to visit the grave of Prince Lee Boo.”

“I really enjoyed playing with new people and making friends.”

“It was really cool learning about the spices and what food they are used in.”

Playscheme w1d1