Museums at Night and Hallowe’en Midnight Apothecary

web_museumsatnight2_2015Yertiz lovers! Are you spooked? Excited? Cos you know what I’m talkingabout… THE MIDNIGHT APOTHECARY HALLOWEEN SPECTACULAR is ON this Saturday.

Expect a sea of pumpkin lanterns, complimentary toasted marshmallows, apple bobbing, batty bar staff, strange blue fire (Cocktail Gradner Lottie Muir has special powers)….and the best Halloween potions in London. Expect the Halloween Squawky, The Bitter Pumpkin, some Mr Hyde Potion and some PearyScary Brandy Punch.  Tickets include optional guided descents into Brunel’s huge and very spooky underground chamber.

Tickets are selling like hot pumpkin soup… If you miss out, not to worry, we have another special right around the corner for bonfire night. More information and how to get your ticket here.