Hiya nice to meet you: Summer Playscheme ’18

Week 1, Day 1, Monday 23rd July:
Today we spent a lot of time getting to know each other and being introduced to the topic of the week; rivers.

Firstly, we played a name game and all got to hear interesting facts about each other. Some of us had attended the summer play-scheme before so it was important to make the new participants comfortable and welcome. To continue this, we had an early play time and all got to run around in the sunshine. We then began our first activity and learnt interesting facts about rivers from around the world, mainly focusing on our city’s river, the Thames. Working in groups, we completed a worksheet about rivers. Finally, we made pictures including the River Thames and the famous landmarks along it.

After lunch, we all walked to the river and had a look at what we could see. Using what we saw, we then used oil pastels to create “Thames at Sunset” pictures.
We were all very tired after a day packed full of play time and creative activities. We finished the day by watching a movie.