Kate Stephens at the Cafe Gallery

Kate Stephens at the Cafe Gallery


Date(s) - 06/08/2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Brunel Museum

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“My Herd” by Kate Stephens

Artist Statement:

I draw and paint directly from life. My work is created from, and in, time spent with the living subject; no second chances.

In this way I can ensure my pictures are visceral and immediate. They are informed by my journey, technique and studies as an artist, but they are driven by the intense presence of the subject.

My period at the Slade School of Art was spent experimenting with conceptual, photographic and processed art. Since then my direction of travel has been one of figurative concentration on the subject; mobilising the skills and traditions of pictorial art.

An important stimulus to this development has been a decade or more combining my artistic work with the tough and challenging experience of cattle farming. This very physical experience of my subjects and their landscape, through labour, smell, touch and sound, as well as sight, has enabled me to explore their being, in depiction, in a particular depth.

Often my pictures bear the marks of being made in adverse weather, following and reflecting the living, moving beasts. Rather than the virtual and sanitised, my work is rooted in the hard and physical.

A quick word about my prints:

The etching process allows me to further the use of my imagination in composing a new picture; by bringing together elements of different drawings I can create a narrative in a different setting.