Boat Trips & Guided Walks

Every Sunday and Monday 10.45 and Wednesday 18.15 meet at Bermondsey tube station and be guided to the Brunel Museum. Privileged access to the Royal Box – the eyrie, the viewing platform – that looks down into “the underground cathedral.” More details.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10:40 Meet Embankment tube station (not pier) for guided Supported by Heritage Lottery Fundboat and train tour of Brunel sites along the Thames). More details.

The Brunel Museum gratefully acknowledges Heritage Lottery Fund support in developing these tours.


Grand Entrance Hall

Grand Entrance Hall


MARITIME LONDON  Mayflower, Brunel’s Tunnel, Ancient Riverside Village and Sea to Shining Sea 10:45am every Sunday and Monday and 6.15pm every Wednesday from Bermondsey Tube (Jubilee line) Just turn up – no booking required. In partnership with London Walks. £10 per person / £8 concessions. “The sun set; the dusk fell on the stream, and lights began to appear along the shore…” Now the curtain rises upon a different scene.

  • 1st Miracle: we’re only a 7-minute tube ride away from the Houses of Parliament.
  • 2nd Miracle: we’re 500 years away;
  • 3rd Miracle: this place still looks like – feels like – what it once was. (Was to Gulliver – it’s where he sailed from)
  • 4th Miracle: the Mayflower – the Pilgrim Father’s pub – is here (let alone a king’s palace, a Dickensian mortuary, a villain’s gibbet, a prince’s tomb, a pirate’s pub and an East India Court).
  • 5th Miracle: the 8th Wonder of the World is here – “the underground cathedral” (as the BBC called it) – the Grand Entrance Hall to Brunel’s tunnel under the Thames.
  • 6th Miracle: We’ve got privileged access to the Royal Box – the eyrie, the viewing platform – that looks down into “the underground cathedral.”
    Coda anyone? River-lulled in ancient Rotherhithe we’ll hear the cool lapse of hours pass, until the centuries blend and blur. In Rotherhithe, in Rotherhithe…   


BRUNEL’S LONDON Boat Trip, River Walk, Tunnel Descent 10.40 am every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Embankment Tube. Just turn up – no booking required. Please note: assemble at tube station (not pier) In partnership with London Walks. £10 per person / £8 concessions (transport extra – see N.B. below). This isn’t just Brunel, it’s a voyage – and a walk – into the birthplace of modern London. So yes, under three Brunel bridges and over two Brunels’ tunnels to the best kept secret in London. And into the bargain a sightseer’s London checklist, from the Houses of Parliament to the Tower of London. Icons. And that secret. Several secrets, actually. A secret gateway for the Czar of Russia. Six men dead on a haunted ship. Broken bones by the silent Harpy. Broken slipways on the Isle of Dogs. Shattered columns, shattered dancers, magic at the Tunnel Club. Mind-melting magic. Outcroppings of the past that haven’t been swallowed by the passage of time. That tell of the monster ship. And of the world’s most important tunnel. That more than tell. That take us down into the darkness where men died and Brunel met with destiny. N.B. Oyster or 2-Zone Travel Card recommended for our short train journey. There’s an extra charge for the boat but we get you a rate. And there’s no queuing – our tickets are reserved! The Brunel Museum gratefully acknowledges Heritage Lottery Fund support in developing these tours.


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