The exhibition of water colours and oil paintings by Pam Miller will be at the Brunel Museum cafe gallery until March every day 10am – 5pm

Artist Statement:

“Nature and natural forms have always inspired me, and my reconnection with my own creativity began with walks along the shore of the river Thames around Rotherhithe, where I have lived for over twenty years.

“I have spent most of my working life teaching art in secondary schools in London and the North East, and I continue to moderate GCSE Art for the AQA examining board. I left teaching a few years ago to concentrate on my own artwork and creative pursuits.

“In my recent work, I continue to be inspired by nature. I am also continuing my exploration and experimentation with the medium of watercolours and oils.

“For over a year I have had an Oxalis Triangularis plant on my kitchen windowsill. I have studied my Oxalis at various times of the day, and this lovely delicate plant has been the inspiration for my latest work. I have been fascinated with the rich, intense colour and shape of the leaves and how at times they seem to take on the appearance of a butterfly’s wings. This metamorphosis is especially noticeable as the leaves begin to ‘close up’ in the evening.

“I do hope you enjoy my recent work.”