The Brunels in London

London has more Brunel family projects than anywhere else in the country including Bristol, the city most people associate with the name Brunel. Father, son and grandson all made their mark on London.

Marc Brunel

  • Chief Engineer of The Thames Tunnel, the only project father and son worked on together.
  • Considered by many to be a better engineer than his son Isambard.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

  • Thames Tunnel, his first project aged 19 years.
  • Great Western Railway from Paddington station, to Bristol, the West Country, and by Great Western steamship the New World.
  • Hungerford Suspension Bridge. Brunel’s distinctive brick piers still carry trains into Charing Cross, but the original bridge was demolished in 1864. The chains now span the Avon gorge for his famous Clifton Suspension Bridge.
  • Water towers for the spectacular fountains at Crystal Palace.
  • Great Eastern steamship from Mill Wall on the Isle of Dogs.

Henry Brunel

  • Isambard’s son.
  • First person to travel under the Thames. Handed through as a baby by his proud father.
  • Tower Bridge, where he was structural engineer in partnership with Sir John Wolfe Barry.
  • Blackfriars Railway Bridge, now the first station to span the Thames. In partnership with Sir John Wolfe Barry.